The Parish Church

The Parish church has played a major role in the structure of Dunbar Bowling Club.
Other than creating a very picturesque scene, it has also had two major impacts on the
shape of the green.

June 1942 Lightening Strikes Tower

Lightening struck the tower associated with the church and the tower
toppled onto the green causing extensive damage to rinks three and four.
In a certain light the shape of the damage can be seen. It also means that
in stormy weather all members cast furtive looks at the church.

January 1987 Fire Fire

The church unfortunately was consumed by fire which spread to the surrounding graveyard and caused sever damage to the church, which then spread to the bowling green. Of the church only the tower and walls remained after the fire. This required the church to be completely rebuilt, in the style we now see. Major repairs, again had to be made to the green.

Over the next few pages in this section, you will get to know a little bit about the history of
Dunbar Bowling Club, and will be given information on new developments.


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